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I do what I say I’ma Do

A year and 12 days ago, I arrived in Visalia, CA, I said I would tattoo my body myself, I have 93 tattoos and counting, so check.

I said i would get work and get my scooter (ended up getting my motorcycle license and paid my scooter off and had two jobs) so check.

I said I would relapse and lose my sobriety and that was what  I feared most, but I said I would and I did.

I said i wouldnt be in visalia longer than a year, and by the grace of the stars and heaven above or whatever it is I learned to take responsibiltiy, found out bitches are gon be bitches, and I met the woman I know showed me love, =) I got a woman who adores me and sees me for the woman I am and loves it….I am happy and now I am out of California and on to get my other things I said I would have……my house, my boat, my yard, my baby, and this i will accomplish and I know it, thanks to all the people that I share truth of myself with that use it against me, I dont give two fucks what you think, I am thankful that I met every bad or good person, I learned alot of life and about me, so thanks, take it easy and enjoy the view, smell the flowers and keep it cool. LOVE LIFE AND LIFE LOVES TO GET YA when ya least expect it. PICS AND VIDS TO COME SOON.

When someone asks ‘do you smoke?’


Smokers: yes
Non smokers: no
Weed smokers: smoke what?

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"Your real first love will make you realize that your first love wasn’t really your first love."

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"I love.I will let go, I will not leave another ones side, for I want to be where I stand when I am next to them, I am here. I will not settle, I am worthy. I will spend my extra time, devoting myself and learning them and teaching them me, if we can be patient and strong together, down this pathway we walk, Love will grow."